Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Statement Condemning Attack on Gaza

Statement from the Global March to Jerusalem Concerning Criminal Israeli Assassinations of Gaza Civilians

Just as defending and liberating Jerusalem are the duties of free people around the world, so is defending the safety and livelihoods of Palestinians throughout occupied Palestine. On March 9, the Israeli occupation army began their latest series of illegal assassinations of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.  We, the Global March to Jerusalem, condemn the Zionist campaign of killing Palestinian citizens and imprisoning the Palestinians of Gaza in an open-air prison, just as we condemn the continued occupation of Palestinian land and the intentional destruction and Judaisation of Jerusalem, as well as all of historic Palestine.

In less than three weeks, history will be made when thousands of Palestinians and supporters from around the world march together. In light of the continued ethnic cleansing of Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem and the latest bloody attacks on the Palestinians of Gaza, now more than ever, in solidarity with Palestinians, we call on all people to join Palestinians and supporters: on March 30, 2012, we will march to Jerusalem or to the nearest possible points in neighboring countries to protest Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing. We demand access to Jerusalem for all peoples; to uphold Palestinian rights under international law, including all refugees' right of return; and the end to Israeli attacks on the Palestinians of Gaza.

- The International Executive Committee of the Global March to Jerusalem

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