Friday, March 16, 2012

GMJ-Asian Caravan to Jerusalem

As we count down the days until 30th March, the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) continues to build momentum around the world. Over the last week official press conferences were held in Gaza and Lebanon, generating a lot of coverage in the Arabic language media. And earlier this month saw the launch of a people’s caravan in support of the GMJ that will make its way across Asia towards Jerusalem.

The GMJ-Asian caravan will include around 250 people from at least 20 different nations, including delegates from Indonesia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Japan, Australia and Turkey, as well as several Western countries. Members of Parliament will be participating from Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran.

GMJ-Asian caravan departs from India

On 9th March, the 54 member Indian delegation departed from Rajghat, a location with symbolic importance as it is the final resting place of celebrated peace activist Mahatma Gandhi. Public figures attending the departure ceremony included Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, Member of Parliament and President Lok Janshakti Party, Mr. Zuhair Hamdallah, Second Consul at the Palestine Embassy, and Shri Mani Shanker Aiyar, Member of Parliament.

When the GMJ-Asian caravan arrived in Karachi, leaders and members of the Palestine Foundation of Pakistan (PLF) welcomed the delegates with rose petals and offered garlands. The delegates were also greeted by the Palestinian ambassador to Pakistan, Dr. Hazem Abu Shanab.

GMJ-Asian caravan arrives in Pakistan

The planned route for the GMJ-Asian caravan will be through Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Iran, and then Turkey, finally traveling by ship to Lebanon where the Asian delegates will participate in the GMJ demonstrations in southern Lebanon on 30th March. In addition to the land caravan, many other Asian delegates will be flying directly to Amman to join the GMJ demonstrations in Jordan.

As it progresses along its journey towards Jerusalem, the GMJ-Asian caravan will continue to grow in size and popularity. For regular updates please visit:

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