Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beirut Meeting Focuses on Liberating Jerusalem

Yesterday we launched the second international planning meeting for the Global March to Jerusalem, see below. Our hope is to get a million or more people marching peacefully to Jerusalem for Palestinian rights on March 30 2012. This is a multi-faith international call to join in our non-violent, human effort to liberate Jerusalem and Palestine. The official press conference will be today, so more to come...

Committees set date for Jerusalem Global March

The Daily Star
January 18 2012

BEIRUT: The International Committees of the Global March to occupied Jerusalem held a conference Tuesday during which they announced the launch of the march on March 30, 2012, which marks the 36th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day, the National News Agency reported.

The conference took place under the patronage of former Prime Minister Salim al-Hoss who gave a speech in which he stressed that occupied Jerusalem is a symbol of the Arab cause in Palestine and must remain as one city.

According to the coordinator of the conference, Rebhi Halloum, the march will embody a global peaceful movement toward occupied Jerusalem or the nearest possible point to it.

Former British MP George Galloway also spoke, stressing the importance of Jerusalem and stating that it is now time to call for justice to the Palestinian people.

Confab Condemns Judaization of al-Quds

Press TV
January 17 2012

The International Executive Committee of the Global March to al-Quds (Jerusalem) has condemned Israel's efforts to judaize the city, Press TV reports.

The organization expressed solidarity with the Palestinian residents in al-Quds during a two-day international conference that began in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, on Tuesday.

In December 2011, the organization held its first international conference, in which the participants agreed on forming an “international central committee,” representing all regions of the world regarding the issue of al-Quds.

Paul Larudee, one of the speakers of the conference, told Press TV that the meeting “expresses the will of not only the Palestinian people and the people of Lebanon, but the people of all the world to reclaim Jerusalem and to defend Jerusalem from the racist efforts that are being made to exclude everyone in the world from Jerusalem except one group; the Zionists want it all for themselves. This is not acceptable.”

“The world has decided that this will not happen and we are here today to make a peaceful march to Jerusalem, to plan this march and to execute it in such a way that the will of the people of the world is understood by everyone and that we will not be denied access to Jerusalem nor to the freedom of Jerusalem,” Larudee added.

The global march has been scheduled to be held on March 30, which marks the 36th anniversary of the Palestinian Land Day, in several countries including Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

On March 30, 1976, Israeli troops killed six Palestinians during a protest against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian lands.

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